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Manager- Product Development /Merchandising

Tamil Nadu , India
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Full time
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    Job Description

    Manager- Product Development /Merchandising
    Job Location: Pondicherry
    Experience: Minimum 3 Years in Product Development or in Merchandising
    Salary: 30K - 40K
    Qualification: Any Degree/Diploma


    Job Requirements

    Responsible for product  Tooling and sampling for production and new development
    Responsible to coordinate with Retail team and make sure samples  delivered on time
    Responsible for sample production efficiency to meet management criteria
    Responsible for technical issues from production and coordinate with corresponding team to solve those issue and audit those issue for future reference
    Responsible for prepare cost, materials & Labor Estimates and get approval from management
    Responsible to Asses cost effectiveness of the products to provide the actual cost.
    Consult with leather cum production technician to discuss and formulate estimates and resolving issues.
    Responsible to finalize the Leather order form (LOF) & Bill of Material (BOM) used by management for purpose of planning, organizing & scheduling Work.
    Responsible to prepare MIS reports.
    Proficiency with analytical and presentation tools (Excel, pivot tables, MS office)