7 Major Areas Where Freshers Need to Do More Focus In Resume Writing

Today’s resumes are completely different from resumes that were written in the nineties. Therefore, if any looking for a job or employment, then we are providing seven major tips on which the job seeker needs to do more concentrate or focus when writing a resume. Also, a reliable and popular  job consultancy in Chennai for freshers provides resume writing services as well, so you hire them as well.

State Resume Objective Clearly
The time has gone when writing a resume with a broad objective and to lots of companies. At present, job seekers need to read the complete job description for the position they are going to apply and make an objective according to job requirements.

Interests, skills and achievements
For making resume most interesting autobiographical print, you should include positions of responsibility in professional bodies, particularly where they reveal entrepreneurship, commitment or initiative. You can also add any volunteer and charity work that you did, either part time or permanent. Besides, including hobbies, interest areas and achievements, which are relevant for hob position are important, and must be mentioned in the resume. It is an advice to all please try to avoid wring cooking, reading and travelling as these activities are too general and widespread. A high level of achievement in sports, clubs and societies, tell about your motivation and commitment. You can change you interest and hobbies according to job positions.

Proofread multiple times and Keep it error free
When you have finished your resume writing, now it’s time to review if for grammatical errors and typos. Read your resume 2-3 times slowly, and check everything’s is right. You can ask your friends or anyone who is working as an HR executive to look over your resume for errors or mistakes. Make sure that you have provided the right email address and phone number.

In India, there are only two languages used mostly, English and Hindi so that you can give an interview in English, Hindi or mix. However, most of the companies take interview in English only. Apart from these two languages, if you know any other language like French, then include it on your resume. It will assist job seekers in interviews, especially when going for Call Center Job.

Finish With A Summary
It is a good idea to include a mini personal statement with the resume, but ensures that you have mentioned what you searching for or what you are looking at the job, and why you should be hired by employers.

Organize Your Lists
Focus on relevant accomplishments in your resume that pertain to the specific position you're looking at and remove ones that are not applicable. Always reorder your lists so the most relevant items appear at the top. It is the place where most of the recruiters will be looking first and what they're most likely to remember later on.

Contact Information
There was a time when people list only one method of contact on the resume that was home phone number. But, it’s outdated now as today's job seekers need to play up their contact information. There are many ways for the employer or companies to contact you so include mobile and home both number with email addresses and website (if applicable).

Note: An effective CV or resume will display case of your most pertinent experiences and skills, at the same time as telling a prospective employer why you should be hired or how you are right for the job.

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