My Research

Since the last recession, most of the developed countries are giving priority to the local people for jobs. Visa still remains the big issue. Companies will offer you jobs but would be reluctant to sponsor your visa if you don't have one. 
So best option is to get the visa, enter that country and start looking for job.
1. Germany - Apply for a job seeker visa. You can do this without any job offer in hand. This visa let's you enter Germany and look for job. It's valid for 6 months. Once you get an offer letter, you can apply for with permit.
2. Austria - Job seeker visa.
3. Canada - Apply for a Permanent Residency. This visa is based on points allocated for age, IELTS result, experience, education etc.
4. US - you would need a sponsor for your H1B Visa.
5. Australia - Apply for permanent residency. Probably easiest to get.
6. Denmark - Apply for PR
7. Singapore - Easiest destination for Indians to get a job. One of my friend went to Singapore on a tourist visa and then applied for job. Employment visa takes 7-8 days.