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Kone Elevator India Pvt Ltd


0 to 5 Years
Tamil Nadu , India
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Full time
Kone Elevator India Pvt Ltd
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    Job Description

    Position Trainee
    Qualification B.Sc,B.Com,B.A,B.B.A,B.M.S
    Experience 0-5 yrs
    Salary Negotiable
    Location Chennai


    Job Requirements

    The KC3 agent is the main entry point for customer requests related to unplanned maintenance services, 24 hours / 7 days.
    He is responsible of all activities between logging the customer requests, find an available technician, dispatching the call, to call acceptance from the maintenance technician.
    He is also trained to identify and manage all critical safety situations, preventing fatalities.
    The KC3 agent is using dedicated KONE application software that give him a perfect up to date information about job status, equipment, contracts, technician organisation and scheduling in the country, equipment history, contract information,
    1.1 Superior and subordinates
    The KC3 agent reports to a KC3 Manager. According to KC3 size he might have functional superiors such as team leader (each 10 agent ) or supervisor (each 20 agents.
    2.Responsibilities and key activities
    This section includes the responsibilities and key activities that the KC3 agent is either accountable for, or responsible to execute.
    Responsibilities and key activities
    Accountable to welcome customers and users, according to KONE processes and standard instruction, identify and classify their requests and provide adequate answer. Incoming requests comes from telephone, fax, e-mail, eOptimumTM or KRMS
    Accountable to insure call dispatching until it is accepted by a technician. Dispatching methods could be phone, SMS, KFM or paging. This includes specific tasks like management of callouts on hold, unreachables.
    Accountable to support the Supervisors in maintaining the Fitter scheduling
    Accountable to support the supervisors in following up open callouts and make sure that technicians backreports open jobs. Specific reports on open jobs are available on Supervisor reports
    Accountable to make the contact as easy as possible for the customer and provide adequate information.
    Accountable to identify safety situations, and manage them by giving the adequate safety instructions as described in the global safety procedures. He shows empathy, hes aware about customer feeling in such situation and provides adequate safety advice to calm the passenger.
    Accountable to follow the  processes by showing responsiveness, responsibility, and quick spirit.
    Accountable to gather sales lead notification and forward to relevant department
    Accountable to immediately connect the customer to the right person in the organization, in case of any request not related to unplanned maintenance. If the  responsible person is not found, the agent is accountable to pass him the message of the customer, and to ensure he will contact the customer back.
    3.Performance measures
    Performance measures
    Within the KC3 organisation the Agent is regularly evaluated seeking to provide professional, and care service to customer :
    Regular quality audit (through recorded calls analysis or on line listening) allow to evaluate agent level in processes knowledge and calls management compliance with the standard template.
    Performance indicators : productivity : amount of calls handled per month, quality : mistakes (complain initiated by field or customer) per month, average talk time
    4.Competence profile
    4.1 Behavioural competences
    Collaboration (KONE general and leadership competences)
    Shares information widely. Treats others with dignity and respect. Respects different needs and viewpoints. Creates trust and a sense of team spirit. Maintains confidentiality and holds to agreements. Admits own mistakes. Obtains co-operation by active listening and sensitivity towards situations and people. Establishes strong working relationships and effective internal and external networks. Achieves consensus, closes deals or discussions with clear understanding of agreement
    Customer focus (general and leadership competences)
    Is curious about customers business and willing to understand their challenges. Takes customers perspective and is prepared to engage to their business. Takes customer complaints seriously and looks for ways to improve customer service. Ensures prompt and efficient service. Thrives to exceed customers expectations
    Stress tolerance (general competences) 
    Maintains composure when faced with unexpected problems. Works well under increasing time pressure. Keeps events in perspective and does not overreact. Shows calmness and control in difficult situations. Maintains focus on key objectives when under pressure.
    Managing conflict (general competences) 
    Identifies and deals with conflict. Understands the basis and reasons for disagreement between individuals and groups. Proactively facilitates resolution of conflict between individuals or groups. Employs open discussion and diplomacy to resolve disagreements. Anticipates future sources of conflict and takes actions to address underlying causes.
    Attention to procedures and guidelines (general competences) 
    Values clearly defined procedures and guidelines in work. Easily adapts to rules and supervision. Works in a well-organised manner. Pays sufficient attention to details. Makes plans in line with established procedures and guidelines.
    Decision Making (leadership and general competences) 
    Is committed to own area of responsibility and contributes to the overall business. Identifies issues and makes timely, tough and objective decisions, also under pressure. Stands by decisions and takes responsibility for them. Takes calculated risks. 
    Detail focus (general competences) 
    Checks the details of own work carefully. Analysis information in a thorough and detailed way. Spots critical errors that others have overlooked. Identifies important details and ensures that they are correct. Maintains a focus on detail when dealing with routine work. 
    4.2 Professional requirements
    Solid communication skills (written + spoken) required in the customer centre 
    previous work experience in customer service is an asset
    4.3 Entry-level requirements
    Basic IT knowledge
    Matriculation degree is a minimum requirement
    Common language (s) used in call center
    4.4 specific issues always need to be trained 
    KC3 tools applications (Konect, telephone etc.), call handling policies, all call out processes, remote monitoring tools and services, general knowledge, incident and crisis management policy Document Application
    5.Document Application
    This document summarizes the key responsibilities of KC3 agent.
    This document is applicable to KC3 agent in the Elevator and Escalator businesses across all the Business Lines and reference organization structures unless otherwise stated.