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Industrial Engineer ( Not Disclosed )

Posted today by : Parksons , 07.20.2019
Sricity, AP
Full time

We are looking for Industrial Engineer candidate for our plant located in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. Exp : 5 - 7 years. CTC : not constraint.


Commis I Indian ( Not Disclosed )

Posted today by : Mouthful , 07.20.2019
Chennai, TN
Full time

Grillbox Restaurant looking for Commis I Indian (attractive Salary,Food, Accommodation, Leave benefits, Bonus & Gratuity). Location: Chennai


Physiothrapist ( Not Disclosed )

Posted today by : MKK , 07.20.2019
700 USD
Full time

Wanted Physiothrapist for Maldives  Salary - 500 - 700 USD Qualification - BPT  IELTS - 5.5 Band  


Tig (ss) welder - Maldives ( Not Disclosed )

Posted today by : MKK , 07.20.2019
350 USD
Full time

Tig (ss) welder  Salary - 350 USD Experience Certificate / trade test certificate


Latheman - Maldives ( Not Disclosed )

Posted today by : MKK , 07.20.2019
400 USD
Part time

Wanted Latheman for Maldives (employment visa) + Food + Accommodation Salary - 400 Usd Trade test / Experience Certificate


Electrical Maintenance – Sr.Engineer ( 8 to 8Years )

Posted today by : PHI , 07.20.2019
Sriperumbudur, TN
Full time

Position 1       :  Electrical  Maintenance   – Sr.Engineer  Experience       : 8 to 10 Years in Manufacturing field Location: Sriperumbudur  Job description: 1) "C" Licence holder 2) Knowledge in  PLC 3) MS Office (Excel & Power point)


Tool Maker ( 2 to 2Years )

Posted today by : Sanwa , 07.19.2019
Full time

We required Tool Maker with 2 or 3 years experience from NTTF or Cipet or Diploma in Tool and die. Salary based on their current salary


​Sr. Technical Member - Toolroom ( 6 to 6Years )

Posted today by : Manika , 07.19.2019
Full time

Sr. Technical member - Toolroom - Relevant experience of 6 to 7 years in Toolroom department of plastic injection moulding organization. Salary range upto 5 lacs


Asst. Manager - Production ( 7 to 7Years )

Posted today by : Manika , 07.19.2019
Full time

Asst. Manager - Production - Relevant experience of 7 to 9 years in Plastic injection moulding. Salary range will be upto 6 lac


Asst. Manager - Quality Assurance ( 6 to 6Years )

Posted today by : Manika , 07.19.2019
Full time

Asst. Manager - Quality Assurance and Checking with relevant experience of 6 to 8 years plastic injection moulding. Salary range will be upto 6 lacs


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